Collective redressOpt-in/Opt-outLegislation
YesOpt-out (partially)Loi n° 2014-344 du 17 mars 2014 relative à la consommation
Décr. n° 2014-1081 du 24 sept. 2014
Loi n° 2016-41 du 26 janv. 2016
Décr. n° 2016-1249 du 26 sept. 2016
Loi n° 2016-1547 du 18 novembre 2016 de modernisation de la justice du XXIe siècle, JORF n° 0269 du 19 novembre 2016 texte n° 1.
Sections 826-2–826-24 into the French Code of Civil Procedure.

French collective redress framework 

In France, there isn’t a horizontal collective redress mechanism. Opt-out collective actions may be launched if there are the requirements of numerosity and commonality. There are currently two procedural regimes: a sectoral regime for class actions related to consumer law; a regime for all other class actions.


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