Finnish Alternative Dispute Resolution

Finland has many ADR bodies competent in disputes relating to financial and insurance markets.


Name in EnglishInstitutionsProductsWebsite
Investment Complaints Boardbanks, mortgage banks, mortgage intermediaries, securities intermediaries, most investment providers, most investment intermediariesmortgages, most investments, most securitiesSijoituslautakunta


Name in EnglishInstitutionsProductsWebsite
Consumer Disputes Boardbanks, mortgage banks, mortgage intermediaries, credit unions, insurance companies, insurance intermediaries, some investment providers, some investment intermediaries, some pension providers, some pension intermediariespayments, deposits, credit & loans, mortgages, life/non-life insurance, some investments, some pensionsKuluttajariitalautakunta


Name in EnglishInstitutionsProductsWebsite
Finnish Banking Complaints Boardbanks, mortgage banks, mortgage intermediaries, credit unionspayments, deposits, credit & loans, mortgagesPankkilautakunta


Name in EnglishInstitutionsProductsWebsite
Finnish Insurance Complaints Boardinsurance companies, most insurance intermediaries, most pension providers, most pension intermediarieslife/non-life insurance, most (private) pensionsVakuutuslautakunta

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