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Bulgarian Financial and Insurance Markets Regulation 

Bulgarian financial and insurance markets are supervised by two national competent authorities. 

Financial Supervision Commission

The Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) is a specialized government body for regulation and control over different segments of the financial system: capital market, insurance market, health insurance market, pension insurance market.

For more information: https://www.fsc.bg/en/

Bulgarian National Bank

The BNB’s major objective is to maintain price stability by ensuring the stability of the national currency. For this purpose, it regulates and supervises other banks’ activities in this country order to ensure the stability of the banking system and protect depositors’ interests. The Bank supports the creation and functioning of efficient payment systems and exerts oversight over these. It is the only issuing institution in Bulgaria and maintains the cash cycle.  The Bank carries out research work, compiles, aggregates and analyses statistical data.

For more information: https://www.bnb.bg/?toLang=_EN


https://www.fsc.bg/en/markets/capital-market/legal-framework/laws/https://www.fsc.bg/en/markets/insurance-market/legal-framework/laws/ ; https://www.bnb.bg/AboutUs/AULegalFramework/AUNationalLegalFramework/AULFSearch/index.htm?dRubric=Bank%20Supervision

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