Collective redressOpt-in/Opt-outLegislation
YesOpt-outLaw on Collective Actions (Zakon o kolektivnih tožbah—ZkolT), Official Journal of the Republic of Slovenia No. 55/2017

Slovenian collective redress framework 

that it is straightforward to identify and contact the class members.”
In Slovenia, the law on collective actions was adopted in 2017 (and entered into force in April 2018).94 It leaves the choice between the opt-in and the opt-out scheme to the court.95 The opt-in system has to be used if non-pecuniary damages are involved or if at least 10% of group members has a claim in value exceeding EUR 2000. Nonetheless, even if the opt-out system is chosen by the court, group members not domiciled in Slovenia can become part of the proceedings only if they opt in.


Zakon o kolektivnih tožbah (ZKolT) (

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